Finally, the image below is a satellite view of the lake from Google Earth that was taken in July 2005. All of the current access roads are clearly visible. The varying depths of water in the lake can also be distinguished along with many of the of the shoals and shallow areas can also be seen. Remember that the summer of 2005 was when the water level in the lake was extremely low. There are at least a couple of boats visible on the lake. Unfortunately Google Earth has not updated any of it's satellite imagery of this area since 2005, so even though there has been some recent new development on the lake it does not show here.
    Again, if you click on the image you be will able to view the lake at much higher resolution and will have no difficulty in identifying your cottage or home. A word of caution is necessary here. Please do not use any of the images shown on this website for navigational purposes. Many navigational hazards that exist in Otter Lake are not visible in these images even at high resolution.

All images on this web site courtesy of the Franks family.
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